[Fixed 1.03][Bug 1.02] CTD - Autosave With Station Selected?

Had a crash to desktop while I was trying to build a fit steering assembly, hovering on the build menu for the tooltip, and the game tried to autosave.

It gave this error when trying to load the save.

I was able to repeat this behavior easily, that is where the first screenshot came from. I can provide the save if needed!

Edit: A second ctd occurred later when I was placing a paint station out on the floor. There was no tooltip involved.

yup… this is fixed in the next patch. Best not to rely on autosave until then…

Thanks Cliff. I’ve turned autosave off… I think… it’s off if the square is gray right? Anyway…

1 - I made the square gray in the options menu from the main menu.
2 - New game started subsequently did not autosave - great!
3 - Loaded original game from 1.01 that had run after autosave was enabled (black box) from main menu but before autosave was disabled. This game is still autosaving, although when I look at the options menu both from within this game and from the main menu the autosave is gray box/disabled.

Just FYI, not sure if this is part of what is already being fixed.

Hi, I need to fix what my checkbox options look like, because they are not very clear :smiley: It might be that its actually on rather than off!

Yeah you were right, I went back and played with it today and I just didn’t understand. Black = off, gray = on.