[Fixed 1.11][Bug 1.10] Chassis sometimes have wrong colour when rotating/changing zoom levels

Hey @ all,

supprisingly I found colored but by manufacturing status unpainted badyframes on ther way to the painter.
But: This happens not all the times when loading a savegame and it depends on the direction the bodyframe moves:

same bodyframe after changing it’s direction by 90°:

Zooming in a bit and it changes back to white:

I’m not sure if this is related to a drawing bug or to my modified car_colors.txt.

Because it does not happen every time - just around 10% - it is hard to reproduce.
Does someone else have the same issue?

Kind regards
car_colors.txt (167 Bytes)

I found that it sometimes happens depending on the amount you’re zoomed in/out

(zoomed out by one “click” of the scroll wheel)

(zoomed in one)

If you zoom out to the furthest 3 zoom levels where chassis are visible, a chassis that leaves the “fit body” station will have the wrong colour. My suspicion is that the colour reflects its green/red/yellow wait status. If that’s the case then it might be the desired behaviour, but if it was the desired behaviour, I’d expect all cars to change colours, not just those leaving “fit body”.

Screenshots attached of the zoom levels when the car changes from its expected silver colour, to green.

No its definitely a bug :smiley: We cache the composite cars in different colors, and it sounds like some of the logic there is wrong :frowning:

Right… think I’ve found and fixed this for 1.11, thanks for reporting it.