[Fixed 1.11][Performance 1.10] Complex factory builds getting very laggy

First off, awesome game, and I can’t give it enough praise.

I’ve noticed that when I move to the point that I want to build all of my own components for each of the production points, things start to get VERY laggy when I’m about 3/4 of the way done installing everything. (3-5 seconds per click registration)

Also when laying a conveyor line when it’s getting laggy, the program has a propensity to fail.

Kind of just wanted to give a heads up to these finds.

aaaannnnddd just realized I put this in the wrong section.

Would also be good to know your system specifications to get a grasp if it is the game that is being slow or if it is the computer.

And maybe the savegame would also be good to have to see if it’s one of those mega factories.

Also there are going to be some performance improvements with 1.11… so maybe they will fix your issues.

I moved it into the right section for you.

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Having the same issues, while the game only uses only 60% of my GPU, 15% of my CPU and 6% of my RAM.
It’s on a custom mega factory map, giving all stations their own manufacture station and/or import line and the production line isn’t even running yet.

Running an i5, 8GB RAM, GTX760 on Win8

Should be fixed in 1.11…

Item number 5

Thanks for moving it.

My system
16gb ram
nvidia 930

I’ll grab the save file tonight and post it.

I’ve managed to do this on multiple stock maps, so it isn’t a custom thing, or a map specific thing.