[Fixed 1.13][Bug 1.12] stockpiles don't work

I think the screenshot is self-explanatory. Resource importer connected only to this “fit windows” line. Fit windows is fully upgraded and always lack resources. Stockpile is always almost empty.


this is related to the higher speed and already claimed here:
‘[Open][Bug 1.06] different behavior on different speed’

The stockpile will fill up again as soon as you switch back to Normal Speed … and will run again low on stock when playing at Super Speed again …

I don’t think so. Tried to switch back and forth between different speeds and it didn’t help. Graphic bug is also there:

hmmm, ok …
Would you please attach your savegame so the developer and others can take a look into?
Did you place the stockpile first and the Resource Conveyors later?

After saving and reloading the game something definitely changed. One stockpile out of two started to accumulate recources on normal speed. So maybe you’re right, speed is also a factor here (but again it started to work only after restarting-reloading the game which i played for a few hours, started right after Cliff posted 1.11 on twitter). At least one of makewindow factories was always with “no export room sign” no matter what. I wasn’t sure but it seemed to me that stockpile could only order one item at a time then wait for it to arrive and only then order next one. On max speed stockpiles doesn’t order anything at all like they don’t care.

The bottom stockpile was connected with resconveyers after it was built. The top one was, I believe (not sure though), built on top of existing ones.
44.rar (189 KB)

In this case I can confirm your claim. Placing a Supply Stockpile beneath an existing Resource conveyor and adding items to it will not result in filling up the stockpile from the next Resource Importer. But as soon as you save & load or place some more Resource Conveyors it should do as long as it has connection to a Resource Importer.

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Confirmed as a bug, and something I’ve fixed for 1.12. Thanks :smiley:

Indeed, new stockpiles will request items as soon as you add them no matter if the Resource Conveyor has been placed before or after placing the Supply Stockpile.

But: After some time they don’t request any supplies and run out of stock if not hoarding useless crap. Even saving, quitting & restarting and loading will not fix those stockpiles. Only removing or placing a new Resource Conveyor will bring them back to life.

Atm I don’t have a clue why this happens but maybe someone else can confirm this and will provide an idea …

Attached a savegame with out-of-stock-Supply-Stockpiles (except one with heaters that are not needed at that point).
restart_1.12_2.xml (971 KB)

Definitely not fixed in 1.12.
I would like to kindly ask Cliff to take a look at attached savefile. Whole “Fit windows/make windows” area was made to track this bug down. Just take a look at how fit windows & stockpiles & makewindows (always no export room even when stockpiles are half-empty) & importers works and orders stuff. Different gamespeed also seems to affect stockpiles behaviour. Maybe I’m an idiot but I simply can’t make fit windows to get recources in time.
P.S. Stockpile orders and sends just one item at a time??? Fit areas seems to order the whole bunch of stuff at the same time and importer shows long query of items. Stockpiles can’t do the same thing for some reason…
11.rar (109 KB)

Looks like it breaks when loading a savegame. Watched my factory for a longer time but everything was ok but after save & load the stockpiles received the formerly requested items but did not request any new supplies.

one update:
If you have stockpiles which can be fed from local manufacturing slots (without the need to get any material from Resource Importer), they will work on load:

Stockpiles that have components to be requested from local manufacturing slots AND other components to be requested from Resource Importers will not handle any of the items:

Same with Supply Stockpiles with components only to be requested via a Resource Importer:

The examples are placed at the central area of the factory:

So maybe this will help to trace this bug.
Attached again the savegame …
restart_1.12.rar (285 KB)

Looks like this issue has fixed in 1.13 …