[Fixed 1.503] Game crash with Smart Junction

Hi, I seem to be having issues with smart junctions. When I open the menu attached to them and click a few times it will totally crash the game and a force quit windows error will appear.




I had the same problem this afternoon.
After it was impossible to re launch the game.

I noticed that the crash occurring when we not clicking exactly on the left or right arrows to change the cars of columns.

I partially solved the problem by editing the backup file (xxxxxxx.xml) and looked the coordinates of each smart junctions. I found one, with coordinates after the end.

Perhaps, can you search in the xml backup file, if at the end of the smart junction tag, you finish by -1 or like me you finish with other coordinates ?

This was fixed this morning. version 1.503 fixes it, sorry for the hassle. the new version is currently on steam and will be in the next major update for GoG and direct customers.