[FIXED] Campaign uses deployment from battle mode

I decided to play through a few battles to earn honor (My old installation died with an old laptop, so I’m re-earning honor now that the campaign is out!)

I played 3-4 matches with Tribe in regular battle mode. I make a few new ship designs and use them in these matches. In the last match, I had 4 ships (2 cruisers, 2 frigates). I won the battle.

I enter campaign mode, and proceed to build a few ship designs I made after the earlier battles. I do NOT build the ships that were in my last match.

A battle starts where the enemy invades my homeworld.

Before clicking auto deploy, I have the ships from my homeworld undeployed, and the 4 ships that I used in the last battle already deployed in the exact configuration they were in.

I need to figure out some repro steps to see if this can be replicated… I have yet to finish the battle to discover if the ships from my other deployment will make it into the campaign.

Note: Probably not related, but my “maintenance cost” before the battle was replaced by a string of “-4-8-12-4…” suggesting that something had already broken.

Yup this was a bug that has already been fixed, it will be in the next patch