[FIXED] Minor graphical issues

Firstly, I’d like to say thanks, Big pharma is a great, kinda annoyingly addictive game :), and I’m reporting these issues just so you know about them, I’d be happy if they weren’t fixed.

Game ver 0.40.00, Windows 10, resolution 3840 X 2160, Gfx: Nvidia GTX 980

The text display on the research page can look a bit overlappy (Maybe to do with the scaling for high-res?):


Also the cost popups (the red text when a unit does it’s thing, that shows how much it cost) appear fine, but I also get separate italic cost popups that aren’t
associated with a machine, and if you pan around the building when they’re displaying, they are fixed in the viewport (don’t pan with the floor):

The last picture shows both a normal -$20 cost, and the ghosts together:


FYI, I also got the second issue (red italic numbers floating around) several times. The numbers also appear on the other tabs (like Company or Research.)
The weird part is that I don’t remember seeing italics text in the game anywhere else…

The red number appearing everywhere at random is a known issue - Tim already commented on it on stream. :slight_smile:

The floating text has been fixed in update v0.40.04.

The other graphical issues in the OP are because the game is running at a resolution not officially supported. Currently the game goes up to 2560x1440. However the game automatically sets your resolution to the desktop one so it kind of breaks itself. Doh! XD

I’m going to mark this thread as [FIXED] for neatness but I have also made a note of your request for additional resolution support. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

In the mean time I suggest manually reducing the resolution to 2560x1440, fullscreen. This will not only be more stable but will also make the GUI slightly bigger so you don’t have to squint as much. :wink: I don’t know for sure, but at that high-a-resolution I don’t think it should reduce the quality of the overall experience too much.

Let me know how you find it.