Fmod error

Hello, i just got this game with the humble bundle 4, as well as the 4 DLCs (Nomads, Swarm, Tribes and Order) as well as some mods, and i’ve ben getting a lot of this particular error:

I have looked around the forums, but i can’t seem to find any good fix for this, it allways happens on the mods, mainly praetorian industries, at the begining of the Prolouge mission that came with it, and i’d like to know if there’s an actual fix for this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have the Parasites DLC? You will need it to play Praetorian Industries Mod.

BUT, this does not looks to be related to Parasites compability, it looks like you forgot to add every mod music file inside of the sounds/music folder, that is located in the main game data folder.


[i]1) Go to:
***************\Gratuitous Space Battles\Praetorian Industries\data\sounds\music
and copy “prae_battle.ogg”

  1. Go to:
    ***************\Gratuitous Space Battles\data\sounds\music
    and paste the .ogg file[/i]

Some mods already have that fixed, i cant remember if my download link file already has the correct organization of folders to allow to players to just uncompress and overwritte everything, archieving a correct organization of the files…

That worked, it’s fixed now, thanks :slight_smile:

Also i don’t have The Parasites mod, and Praetorian industries works just fine.

The Plasma Discharger is based on a Parasite Module engine, you will notice the game crash if you try to use it