Four Fleets (NSF56k)

In case people need new wallpaper…

Holy cow, next time you should really make a 3d space game ^^ Exactly how long did it take to make one of those models? Until now I’ve thought you’ve made your models with photoshop like I did… But this proofs you did not ^^ What application did you use? C4d?

based on what Cliff said in other topics, i think he used Lightwave…

Or to be more precise, his 3d artist did :wink:

And that’s an epic picture… All it needs is a 3d model of a clear plastic stand under each model and it’d look like a photo.

I love Alliance.

Should we be worried that the rebel ships have what appear to be spinal mounts?

Those aren’t spinal mounts. They’re … umm… main deflector dishes. Yeah. That’s the ticket…

But why would you pay an artist to make 3D ship models of all the ships in a 2D game? Unless you were making a… sequel…

The 2D ships in GSB come from these models, not the other way around. :slight_smile:

I’d hazard a guess he got them done in 3D originally, so he’d have the flexibility to do stuff like make them tilt and such as they turn, if he wanted, and to experiment with different lighting. Plus it makes easy material for gratuitous renders like on the title screen.

The artist I picked (the one I liked best) was a 3d modelling artist, not a 2D one. This was a case of going the extra mile and paying beyond what you would normally do, to get the exact look that I wanted. The by-product is some awesome 3d models, that are useless for a 3d game, unless it has an infinite poly engine :smiley:

Actually, realtime 3D versions wouldn’t take all that long, apart from me having to come up with interesting undersides for all the ships :wink:

So how many polygons are we looking at here?

has anyone noticed that the Fed frigates are just their cruiser hulls shrunk?

Also, I’ve set it as my desktop background!


looks a little more closely

Actually… No. They have similarities, but they’re certainly not merely shrunk. The boxy frigate and cruiser are probably the most similar, but even they have differences in shape.

Yes please :slight_smile:

looks more closely

Yeah I suppose your right, BBUUTT…

Slaps Dogthinker



i would ask for empire but…who really wants a wallpaper that looks like a bunch of sprockets and gears.

That’s wicked cool!

There is empire on it, are you blind?

Of course they’re not spinal mounts. That would be silly. Clearly the Rebels design their ships with a very focused headlight arrangement so you can see them coming. Downright responsible of them. Avoids accidents; after all, space is very very dark. :slight_smile:

It’s for collecting hydrogen or other unrefined fuels from gas-giants for in space refueling.

what about the Python cruiser???