FREE new avatars, for all versions, even the demo....

Ok, here we go, just download this zip file (and unzip it using winzip or similar)

You get two files:
(which goes in your MyDocuments/Kudos/mods/avatars directory)
(which goes in your MyDocuments/Kudos/mods directory)

then just fire up the game, voila, theres another female avatar. heres a preview:

Doesn’t matter what copy of the game you have, or where you bought it, this should work fine. Enjoy.

Thank you!

The best female avatar so far, good work! Finally some placid maidenish character :slight_smile: male avatars were better up to now - some male portraits, however, are so gross that I change their faces through .dds replacement in the savegame file :wink:

BTW, does anybody know what kind of cosmetics do those Bryn females use? They don’t seem to grow old very much :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one on the the new character.
I’m not so computer savvy.
Despite your easy instructions, I worry I’ll make a mistake a r\not be able to play the game orhave to re-intall.
Any chance of putting it under the ‘REFRESH’ section.
Appreciate it if ya could.
Thanks. 8)

It’s easy really. If you have windows, just open up the my documents folder. You can use explorer to do this. Once you’ve opened it up, just look at the pathname (the thing with all the slashes) and read one level in from left to right, ignoring everything after the next slash. Find the folder with the same name. Open it up. Keep doing this until you run out of path. Then drag and drop the file there. Think of it like a postal address.

Thanks for the new avatar!

Is there any chance you’d release the other avatars/new content for download on this site? I bought my copy through Comcast, and I have no way of updating in-game.

most of what you see as new avatars here are already in the portal builds. Do people want more? I could always do some more over christmas

YES!!! (do you think I want more? LOL)
There is not enough variety in the females and although watching a male avatar would probably be more fun, I hate being called Mike" or something, lmao.

Not a female one, but he does have long hair :smiley:
This is my my new dubious looking 70s dude:

Dig that dyed hair.

Great, thanks!

I agree with chelle77084. More females would be wonderful, if you have the time. :slight_smile: What about the logo girl (blonde hair and glasses)? I didn’t see her in the game.

I’ll try and find those files.



Hey, thanks a lot! :smiley: I think this one’s my favorite.

These are beautiful.

Thank you so much for the new avatars!!!

the new female avatar is so cute, could there be more like her please?

here’s a new one:

I stickied the thread, and added a new one, quite pleased with this one:


Hi I really like those last two females! The one with the long straight hair reminds me of that Marcia chick (bree) in Desperate Housewives… :wink:

Thanks again for really making this game evolve. I am telling all my friends too, you should have a refer a friend option :slight_smile:

The females sure seem to be hotter than the males are handsome, IMO. Maybe I just like women more than men.