[Freeze and Crash to Desktop 1.59 Steam] Ressource Import (and my feedback of this game)

Hey there and Cliff,

First at all, thanks a lot for your job. I jumped into your world with Democracy 3, didn’t get Big Pharma (seem too cartoon for me) and lurked a lot Production Line before making the cross.

I love you game. Some people say it’s another Factorio or so, I don’t think so. Economic part is important for me. Something like Capitalism but focus and production : nice shoot. I just played a little (14 hours) so my feedback are more about ergonomy and this like that than balance.

At first, I need to report an annoying crash. Game was stable for me except until this bug.
I can’t upload my save game, debug and drawdebug file. So consider give a mail where I can send those.

In this situation, if I put a ressource importer and this extension of my factory, game freezes. Windows ask me if I need to close or wait. I waited, then I have to close. Game never reworks.
In this game, I have another extension on north-east side. And I put some ressource importer without problem. Game crash only if I put on on this extension.

My system is : Win 10 Family, I7-8700K, GTX 1070, 16 Go Ram, double screen, 38402160 on main, 1440990 on second.
I hope, you can help me. This game is pretty doomed, but I wish to hit the wall to learn more about game mechanics.

Here is my feedback.
I had some trouble to understand some parts, and of course, made a lot of mistake.

First at all, interface is tiny for me. Of course playing in 4K doesn’t help, but there’s no fullscreen mode for fewer resolution. Is it possible to think about it or make an option to change size of text, windows and icons ?

Next, it’s difficult to manage space. It’s the game. But it’s kind of annoying when you specialize. I mean there’s no clear clue to see if a slot has features or not.
Example : I screwed to time my factory because I didn’t get wheel assembly can have robots updates but no features. Pretty strange as Dashboard has access to feature, even there’s a specialization.
And generally, find if you can produce or specialize is a mess (think I’m not english native, so some words can mean something different that an english native understand) in slots tabs. And you have to search where this feature can be produce. Is it possible to have an «info-bulle» when you hover over a slot which tell upgrades ?
This part is kinda important for me as I’m not a great player. I ruined one or two game for this. Planned with blueprints (great option), take care of what I did, buy blueprints and realize I have to demolish and restart my plan because I missed again that specialization and feature.

It could be avoid if we could move are slots. Even with some cash costs. It was cruel for me when, for the first time I specialize body frame and missed bottom trim (yeah, no + made me think it was a bumpers specialization). 100 K for all those slots hurted my cash a lot.
Is it possible to make a move option for slots or consider a balance for demolish wich scale with time ? An instant lose of 50% value is huge for a placement mistake, IMHO.

Also, I missed a lot of information in main windows. Know what is market competitiveness, market share seems vital as I moved price and margin to unsure max cash flow.
There’s a lot of space beetween menu icon and time, energy and money tab. Can you consider to put some information there ? And it’s a lot of time to learn how to react to market competitiveness.

I wish also to have bridge for conveyor. If you can’t move your slot. When you didn’t anticipate bottleneck on export, you game nearly over, or you have to extand to have another slot to export. It’s a pity when you have a lot of space left and can put another export, but you’ll know that you car will be block if they cross another bottle neck, like there.

Here must be another screenshot, but new users can post only one picture. :disappointed_relieved:

Even if I have to research it, it will be better than spend thousands of buck or restart a game for that bad play.

Those feedback are more for beginner like me than experienced player.

Thanks again to have made this game. And wish you big success.

Here is the crossed junction.


I was having the same issue, after a few resource importers like more than 4 -5, the later ones will crash the game. Happens almost every time and I can reproduce the issue.