Full Version not downloading

I bought the full version and it is not downloading - actually nothing is happening. It goes to a DOS screen and it appears to be connecting to a temporary file - anyways there is an error message and I can’t get it downloaded.

Please help!!


Me too… all I got was kudosf - 1.EXE, and when opened it is just a little black screen. It crashed and the error message was a video driver problem, but the computer check says there is no problem. Help!

Hi, I just checked, and its working fine now, it sounds like there was a server problem and the server got rebooted, so you might have both got only half the file. If you retry the download now it should be fine. Sorry for the delay.

I Just purchased this too and i am getting the same problem!!!

Im having the same problem :cry: :cry:

Its not me, but plimus (the payment company). I checked and its happening to everyone using plimus. Bah.

just email cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, with your order number and I can email you a new link on a backup server.
Sorry about this everyone.

Thanks Cliffski :smiley: All sent and on its way to you :slight_smile:

Any news Cliffski??? I haven’t recived an email yet :frowning:

I’ve replied to the emails I got. maybe resend it now in case I missed it?
I go on holiday tommorow, so you’ll need to get the link today!

All sent again :slight_smile:

I dont think Im getting email from you for some reason. you could PM me instead here?

I think your right :frowning:

Anyway PM has been sent :slight_smile:

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Thanks Cliffski :smiley: All downloaded :slight_smile:

Thankyou 8)