Galactic Conquest Fleet Auto-Uploading

I’m enjoying the Galactic Conquest Campaign expansion, but am now curious about how the online interaction works exactly…

I know that the enemy fleets I go up against were designed by other players, because it tells me the creator’s name and the win/loss/retreat history of that fleet around the web.

What I’d like to know is:

  • Do these player-created fleets come from fleets that players post in the “Challenge” section of GSB, or just fleets that players happen to use at any given time during Galactic Conquest, or a mix of both? Does the AI tinker with the fleets, or leave as-is, and how does the AI determine what particular fleet I’ll go up against next? Taken from a pool of fleets other players were able to put together in the same timeframe of the campaign?

  • Since I can see the history and stats for fleets that I fight, if my own fleets are being auto-uploaded as I play Galactic Conquest, I’d be really interested in checking on how well they’re faring against other people playing the campaign (if anyone still plays it at all!). Is there any way to do this currently?

Thanks in advance if anyone has any insight!

I don’t know about your fleet history.

However, all maps from GC share specific arena conditions (including map size, deployment zones), and apparently there’s a cost limit on each map. Due to the nature of this I believe it only uploads GC fleets. As far as I’m aware it leaves fleets as is, though I think I rematched a fleet (at same planet) and ships remained destroyed. I’d expect all fleets are uploaded, but only if you win.

Yeah, I’ve definitely rematched the same fleet multiple times before, each time taking out a few of their ships and losing / retreating until it finally was about a quarter of it’s original size and I beat it :P.

Hmmm maybe I can’t track my own fleet’s stats / history online, but I wonder… Has anyone fought against their OWN fleets, from previous Galactic Conquest sessions before? It seems like it could be possible, if your previously uploaded fleets from old games are in the big online pool that the game picks from. In that case you’d be able to see the stats for that fleet…

I’m also very interested to know how my fleet is doing if it gets uploaded.

GSB has a lot of potential to be a gratuitously addicted game. Hopefully patches addressing our wish are coming ^^

It surely does…and it’s an addiction that I can afford to love!

And I’m getting endless amounts of enjoyment just playing around with modding things to ridiculous ends – and maybe one day I’ll put something together that is good enough to post for others to try.

Who knows? Even 50-year-old disabled veterans can come up with a good idea once in a while…

I’m really pleased that both you guys are experiencing such a high level of satisfaction with GSB. :slight_smile: As a fellow “not-quite greybeard, but waaaaay over 21” player, my life is such that I can now no longer afford overall time for two or more games simultaneously. If I have to choose one, GSB is it.

Anyhow, good luck with Galactic Conquest; may your credits arrive at your homeworld a turn or two before the enemy-of-the-week comes calling. Some of those enemy fleets can be very tough indeed, especially for newer players such as yourselves.