getting mugged

Is there a way to reduce or prevent from getting attacked on the street (not in the home)? I’ve already lost about 1200 £ like that!

Take kickboxing.

oh cool, didn’t know there were such options, just got the game! thanks :slight_smile:

Kickboxing and karate will work. If you have enough money to get a car, you also won’t get mugged.

will get a car soon, and i now kickbox! :wink: thanks for the help guys…

In my version, the skill is called kung fu.

By the way, if Kudos 2 is ever developed, perhaps the things that everyone will do (or suffer greatly) should be changed. As it is, there is a huge incentive to take kung fu (or kickboxing/karate), and there is no alternative way of accomplishing the same end (being safe from mugging) until much later in the game. The same is true for getting a dog. People shouldn’t be channeled into making the same choice, unless maybe we could see it happening in real life.

This is a fair criticism, and certainly one I will bear in mind for any sequel.

One of the first classes you should take is kick boxing or Kung Fu… I think I have the old version cause my characters live for 10 years.

You should have the option to mug people yourself, with martial arts aiding your success. If you choose this option you could also have a notoriety meter, the higher the meter the more likely you will be identified and arrested. You could lose some years of game time for your crimes. It would be nice to reverse the roles.

You could have a criminal career path (of sorts). Start off nicking car radios for a few quid a pop, attend [day] classes to raise your distraction skills, lockpicking, sales technique etc and then tackle harder jobs for more chips. They’d take longer to plan, need better equipment and be riskier to life and liberty (and the more serious the job, the longer the police chase you). Kudos: Underworld?

That’s a damn inspired idea… maybe I should find time after the next game to do some stuff like that.

A kudos underground option would make a very cool addition to the game. :smiley: