great demo

:smiley: im enjoying it- however i’d really enjoy the ability to not have a regulatory regime and a taxation based approach lumped into one, y’know? more an x/y type of graph- like a colour ramp or something.
also for penal expenditure- i want to spend money on experimenting with community-based rehab, yet decrease spending on the prison system. so mebbe an axis to represent a continuum of incarceration to restorative/community type justice.
thanks. compelling stuff.

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Cheers. I need to find ways to allow you to have a more private-enterprise approach to stuff like housing, schooling etc, possibly a public-private partnership style set of policies?

that sounds great… i assume with a slider to alter ownership balance or similar?
i live in new zealand, and our experiments with PPP’s give a lot of food for thought- and real desire to tweak.