GSB 2 - Brief Speculations

Hi folks! There’s been a need for a unified thread to house brief speculations about GSB2, and this thread is it. I’ve kicked it off by pruning away some off-topic posts from cliffski’s GSB2 lighting-experiment thread; they’re better off here. As 2014 draws nearer, we all wonder what the New Year might hold for the next volume of this great game. I am anticipating the sequel game as least as much as anyone else here. :smiley:

This new thread needs to stay focused, though. No off-topic posts, walls of text, rants or other such content, please; I will be monitoring this. Let’s keep it concise as well as friendly.

If you have specific, fully-articulated proposals to suggest concerning the sequel game, please do not post them here. Use the existing Suggestions forum for that. Instead, here is where we’ll indulge in broader, somewhat more abstract and/or meta-speculations about GSB2. Also welcome here are requests directed to cliffski for some clues regarding when GSB2 development might be moving out of the basement and into the sunlight.

So, this begs a further question. Is this a “2.0” update to GSB, and therefore not a full, unique game? Or is GSB2.0 a entirely new engine and system. Either way, I’m liking the look of the new screenshots. Any time frame on when this will be something we can actually get our hands on?

What about more important stuff, like gameplay?

Another thing that would be useful to see, would be the ability to really use your mod-support. What I mean, is that when modded, the game crashes when you disable the mod, because saved stuff is in the same place the vanilla game uses, right? Maybe a toggle, such that modded files all get saved to the a folder within the MOD so that you can disable that mod, and the game is back to vanilla. If that makes sense.

so basicly a designated folder for modifications

I eagerly await more news (and not just in hopes that it goes 3d!)
Will this be marketed as a revamp, akin to an “expansion” in World of Warcraft, or a reworked sequel. I imagine for most games a “more of the same, but better” marketing approach would be harmful. However given the premise of GSB, namely we all love watching spaceships blow up, I could see that not being a bad thing.

yeah I’m definitely keen to ensure that uninstalling or temporarily disabling a mod will work much better in GSB 2.0

Oh it won’t be a revamp or re-skin, but a completely reworked and new game. I’m tearing apart everything and improving it.
And it won’t be 3D, but it will look a lot more 3D than GSB 1.0 does. It already feels very 3D is comparison :smiley:

Hmm - Torpedoes can require original target and will do so until fuel exhausted.
Missiles will reacquire closest enemy target and drive on to that one.
Rockets detonate in hopes that a proximity hit will at least damage the target.

Would change which PD weapons would be in the mix - something new would be great for limiting rockets and avoiding missiles but could be overwhelmed trying to desperately keep torpedoes from latching on to it where as the slower and less effective point defence beam would be able to smite the projectile, removing it from being a danger…

Lots of tweaks that can be imagined.
Keep the suggestion box full.

Technically the above would be my suggestion.

GSB 2.0?

This is great news indeed!

Cliff, do you have any news about this yet?

Timely reminder, folks:
Please make sure that anything more than brief, one-liner ideas for new weapons, modules or anything else concrete for GSB2 should be posted in the Suggestions forum instead of this thread.

I strongly recommend that everyone read the Master Wish List sticky over there before adding any further suggestions on that forum. Quite a lot of carefully-thought-out proposals are already “in print” for cliffski’s review, and I want them to be kept together in one place for our busy developer to read when his workload allows.

Thanks, everyone!

Not yet, I don’t really want to show anything until it looks right, but I have already got some ‘test’ artwork for me to experiment with in my new engine. I need to get a new editor working (even really badly) to make it ‘possible’ to put together a proper test ship first, although I’m hoping to do that this week, then I might show some early screens with new ships.
The vast majority of the visual changes are only really explainable with video though.
I can confirm multi-monitor support though, regardless of drivers or video card, handled natively by the game. I already have that working.

That would be epic… would it allow you to see more of the battlefield (well, theater) across both or simply drag the UI onto one screen and fullscreen the war zone on the other? (That’s how I usually do my work in Adobe CS; all of my pallets and buttons are docked on monitor #1 and my work is unobstructed on monitor #2)

It expands the battle view and its associated GUI across as many monitors as you have, although I’ve only been able to test it with two so far :smiley: