Wow my last visit was 2013. Are you still playing?

Out of boredom I shuffle my Steam games and came across GSB2 and click the Forum link.
Nostalgia feeling rushes in my heart. Are you guys still playing?
I think I will try GSB2 again.

I’m still playing GSB1 on an irregular and infrequent basis.

I too still play GSB1 and more rarely GSB2 on an infrequent and occasional basis.

Why do you like GSB1 more than GSB2?

GSB1 is my favorite game also.

:slightly_smiling_face: It was first release earlier then GBS2 that’s why i like much. @tiger74

Why do you like GSB1 more than GSB2?

Hard to say exactly, but for some reason GSB2 never quite did it for me as well as GSB1 did. Partly it’s that I prefer the more distinctive visual styles of the GSB1 factions, partly I slightly prefer the bubble shields, partly I like the GSB1 missions more than the GSB2 missions. May also be a bit of nostalgia and that by the time I got GSB2 I was starting to play video games less often.

Late to the party.
Still playing.

Staring at the crickets