GSB suggestion for another multiplayer option

For GSB, I think it would be great to have multiplayer between two people on one computer. This is similar to how Worms handled multiplayer. My friend and I thought of that for during halftime during football games. You’d flip to see who sets their fleet up first, then that player places, then the other player places, and you start. That would be fun, and could easily be made into a drinking game. 1 drink per fighter squadron, 2 drinks per frigate, and 3 drinks per cruiser. You’d get hammer-smashed!



I can actually see this being a great game type. It firmly reinforces GSB’s casual roots while also expanding on the core gameplay elements. Yeah, this would be really, really awesome.

Agreed. Allowing two people on the same machine to set up fleets is a good idea. Just add a “Sandbox” mode, and this can be accomplished.

(Basically, just allow players to set thier own limits, map size, anomalies, etc.)