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Some weeks ago I bought by Steam a copy of Gratuitous Tank Battles.
I just bought from Gamersgate Gratuitous Tank Battles The Western Front Expansion.
At the positech website I found a page where you can have the steam key of the product if you insert the product key.
I guessed that I will be able to get a Steam key for the add on, but I was wrong
I just downloaded Gratuitous Tank Battles The Western Front Expansion but I didn’t find any product key there or on the purchase order mail I received.
I opened a ticket with Gamergate but they replied that "The GG versions of this product is DRM free and do not have , or need, serials."
Can you be of some help?

Many Thanks!

Greetings HypercubeBorg

From what I understand, you would like to add the western front to your Steam Version of GTB.
If that is the case, in theory - if you install the DLC to where the Steam stores GTB you will then have access to the new content.

I just installed Western front on the directory where GTB is ( somethink like \steamapp\gratuiotous…) but when I opened GTB I dind’t find the add on.
Have I to update some files elsewhere?

Many thanks!

Hmm, if it has not detected it then I would say that the directory is not quite correct.
Unfortunately I do not have the game on Steam so my advice is somewhat uncertain.

Based on my knowledge of GSB, GTB and steam in theory there should be a GTB\Contents\Resources\ folder ?
If you place it in there it might detect it.

Hopefully someone that has Steam, GTB and the DLC can give some more specific instructions.

I realised what went wrong with the installation: the western front installer created a new Gratuitous Tank Battle directory inside the existing one created during the steam installation.
I just reinstalled Wester Front making sure that the new file would be written in the existing directory and this time it works!

Many thanks anyway!

Thanks for the update,
Its good to hear that you have resolved the problem