GTB and Western Front

Two questions:
First; Should I play through GTB before installing Western Front, or will I still be able to play through both campaigns after installing the expansion?
Second; After attempting to install the expansion/serial key, and restarting the game, it becomes stuck at “updating profile.” This occurs for over 15min. before I finally click cancel. What’s the problem?
My version says 1.018

What support???

Hi echelonone

Unfortunately our response time is not what it used to be as the number of active member who volunteer their time to help with these matters have somewhat dwindled. While the handful of us that still remain do try to help everybody where and when we can as time permits.

Be that as it may, i have some time now and i will endeavour to help you as best I can.

While I can not provide any solid advice on the first question (as I do not have the DLC for this game.) Based on my current knowledge (that you can add campaigns through modding), I would imagine that even after you have installed the DLC both campaigns will still be available to you via the campaign button in the battle browser. Therefore I would suggest that you install the DLC first then play through the campaigns. That way you have a broader selection of hulls and weapons

As for your second question, as far as i am aware, version 1.018 is the latest version for GTB. Since i have not come across the error you have described, i only have one suggestion at this point in time that may resolve the issue. I have found that the following solution has resolved a broad range of problems, so i think it is worth a shot.

  • Navigate to \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousTankBattles\
  • rename the \GratuitousTankBattles\ to \originalGratuitousTankBattles\
  • run GTB again.

This will force GTB to rebuild this directory with default settings. Hopefully it will break the look that GTB seems to have its self stuck in. (note you will have to enter in your serial key again)

Let me know how goes

i have both and yes you will “still be able to play through both campaigns after installing the expansion” as you put it. how told you you couldn’t?

I followed your instructions and I still have the same problem were I’m stuck at “updating player profile.” Am I correct in assuming that I am supposed to put the new Western Front serial in place of the original GTB serial? That’s what I’m doing and it doesn’t seem to like that serial number.

What happens when you try using the original serial number . . ?

Hi there, I’m the developer.
Any delay on that portion of the game is likely to be firewall-related. Make sure your firewall allows the game online access, or try temporarily disabling your firewall or other internet security software to see if that is the cause.
You don’t actually need to put in a serial number specifically to play the game, or to play the expansion pack. It is only required if you want to use any online features like player messaging or uploading and downloading of maps.
It does sound like you have put in the serial code ok, but the game is just being blocked from the internet.

Game is allowed through the firewall (Windows). Turning off the firewall doesn’t help. I have no other internet security software/hardware. Using the original serial for GTB does not have this problem. Also, how does the game/I know that I have WF if the serial has no other purpose than online features? What about the single player campaign? How do I differentiate between the original GTB campaign and the WF campaign? I have nothing else indicating that I have WF installed other than a non-working serial number that is stuck at “Refreshing player profile.”