Hello, considering buying this game from the impulse sale

Impulse is running a sale on the complete pack(all expansions) for about 26$, which is roughly half price.

I played the demo and it was fun, and I like space strategy and ship battles(my current favorite is Sins), but I didnt get the sense that there was anything more than the battles from the demo. Is there a worthwhile campaign, or economic structure? Do you branch out and take planets/territory? Or do you just roll from one fight to another with nothing but some ship upgrades in-between?

Worth the 26$?

There is no campaign mode yet, but that’s the next expansion scheduled. You can check out Cliffski’s blog for details.

Even so, this game is much more focused on ship and fleet design.

I strongly recommand that you buy the game, especially if you like the demo!

Not only (as far as I know) is the main game much more improved in comparison to the demo, but also this game is really fun! Especially with the asynchronous online chalenges which gives great (almost infinite) replay value :slight_smile:

Click the button!

Impulse is no cheaper than buying direct here:

positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … ister.html

I don’t get why people are so keen to buy from a third party. If you ever lose your download details and need a new copy, you need to email a third party. I literally cannot help. Why not just buy direct? It’s the same price, less hassle, and there is no middle man.
I understand it for people who have never found this site, but clearly you have :smiley:
Positech have been selling games longer than steam, gamersgate, stardock, gog, direct2drive and bigfishgames. We started in 1997.

yeah really, i mean, it may be about a sense of loyality, but really loyality isnt worth much to the big companies (no offense cliff, i mean the big companies in a negative way, which is unusual for me), though considering i just prreordered Halo: Reach legendary cause i had some money to burn doesnt really lend weight to my cause. Back on topic, if you want to buy it, buy direct, less complications with patches, easier way to deal with problemes, and cliff gets more money, and money is always nice.

buy directly from Cliff
support Cliff
you will help Cliff

I’m pretty sure that not only does direct-Cliff-Support trump whatever Impulse offers, the super-pack makes it slightly cheaper to buy direct by a small amount.

If not cheaper (or if, also, but you get what I mean), you have Cliffsupport as well as a guarantee of prompt patching (a problem some people have had with Steam) as well as supporting the game’s maker.

Which means pretty much no matter what you win if you buy direct.

As for GSB itself, I would say that one of the best things about my pre-ordering Frozen Synapse (besides the obvious and getting to play its closed beta (alpha?) stage) is that its creators made me aware of GSB and the deal they were giving on it encouraged me to just go ahead and buy it.

I would absolutely encourage you to go for the full version. The player-posted challenges system for multiplayer adds enormous depth to this game.

I want to buy from Steam (similar to impulse) if possible because

  • they keep track of what i own
  • they let me download my games (no hassle, straight from them, yadda yadda) “forever” (as long as they are around, but you can only say the same tihng really :wink: )
  • they (at least should) auto-patch my games

so i don’t have to deal with manually tracking what games i own/have installed. Steam is also very low hassle. Which reminds me: is this collectors edition thing temporary, and if so when does it end? on the third party sites i mean.

using third party distribution software/networks also opens a brand new can of worms

  • their servers crashing/being overloaded
  • them messing up with patches and having large delays
  • steam specific problems like the game not being able to find its own damn files
  • its just another security loophole, if only for the fact that alot of people use it, will always be a target
  • runs on my system,uses my memory and CPU time

thats just 3 of the really generalized list, theres more
why risk more problems,AND support those companies which dont really need support?

thats why i bought directly from Cliff, if it would give him 1 cent more than buying from steam/impulse i would,and even if it would just be morale support i would :smiley:

Hey everyone, I ended up buying from Impulse(lol dont hate me) before this thread really even got more than 2 responses.

Impulse is a good choice for me, and imo much better than steam, though I certainly would have considered buying the bundle direct had it occurred to me that this site was selling the same bundle for the same price.

And in response to the poster above:
Unlike Steam Impulse doesn’t actually have it’s fingers in anything besides installation and auto-updating. If I uninstalled the Impulse Client it wouldn’t affect my ability to play the games I’ve already installed using impulse. If Impulse crashed and burned overnight I could still play(Pretty sure I can patch manually as well). It allows me to download, archive and install however much I want to. Imo Impulse(and providers like it) could use my support, I’d really prefer Steam not to become the monopoly on Digital distribution.

Thanks for your imput guys, I can see Cliff has inspired some loyalty in his customers, I look forward to coming to understand why firsthand :slight_smile:

PS: hey guys, what/where is the code needed for online play? Is that just the CD key?

If you read a bit on his blog and on the forums, you will surely see why that is so pretty quickly. I bought my version on steam, but following a bit the community I honestly feel guilty about it. I believe that Valve has implanted some commands into my brain which states that I must buy everything on steam, if that’s possible… x_x’

I believe that is the case, but you probably found out by yourself by now, didn’t you?

True, though this doesn’t happen that often in my experience.

I also haven’t really had this problem except maybe once or twice

haven’t seen this, unless i’m mucking around myself in files (oh and no offense but GSB seems a bit flaky about its data in the user profiles; i’ve had to delete my deployments more than once to get it to start right, thanks to said mucking around)

True, but i’ve never heard of someone using Steam to hack anyone’s computers. Not saying it couldn’t be done, just never heard of it.

On my mid-low end system, steam consumes no CPU while in the background and what’s looking like a whopping 95 MB of memory. When i open it up and poke it some, the CPU consumption goes to about 5-6 percent and there’s an extremely slight memory usage increase (about 2-5 MB). Not sure what the big concern is there, especially seeing as a ton of people nowadays have 4GB of ram and a good dual core (i bet better than mine, which is a Pentium Dual Core 2.8 GhZ)

Its not that i want to support steam (they already have all the support they need) but i like their service because of the features it offers.