Hi all!

Hello, i’m a new space commander recently hired for training (only have the demo right now), and i hope to be a full commander in the GSB fleet early august. Very fun game, and i absolutely love it! i can easily drop a half hour making ships and deploying a fleet for battle, which isn’t good when i want to work on my own game >.< :wink: If you don’t mind, there are a few UI things that would be nice to see (if they haven’t been implemented since the demo v1.25):

For setting up orders, i’d really like the ability to multi-select orders to add to ships.
I’d like the ability to shift-select and deselect ships in deployment; it’s kind of a pain to use drag-select when i’ve deployed my fleets into formation.

the shift-select is up… we use ctrl tho

Welcome aboard, RCIX. Here’s your tag for gaining entry to Fleet Ops. :wink: Make full use of our forums; we have a wealth of information here! You may have to drill down thru many months’ worth to find answers to obscure issues, but you’ll thereby be assured of seeing many other interesting subjects on your way.