how do i mod how often i get tv or radio or magazine ads to

come up… seems when i am trying to hype a gig all i get is chance to put up posters and the band members complain it doesnt reach enough people as we are at fame of over 400… which numbers in which mod do i change to get other hype to come up all the time please?

well before modding - did you try to hire that publicist

  • sometimes i couldnt get my enough rest because i wanted to attend all those interviews !

yes i hired publicist… still would like to mod to get the radio/tv/magazines to come up more often.

look in \data\simulation\publicity.csv

there are all the PR things
in the first line there is a minchance and maxchance setting you may want to change the according numbers in the line with your favored PR-item

thanks ill try that;)

Ok maybe I am missing something. But I don’t haev the option to hire a publicist in the game.

I can hire a Manager, and all the other people, but not a publicist. Do I have to get to a certain level to open that option up?

you may have an older version, or a version sold by yahoo etc, which might not have had that bit included.