How do I see the Special Anomalies in a Challege?


It’s just nice to know what anomalies a challenge has so I can avoid playing one with speed/shield set to 1%.

I’m also wondering about this, I think there was some button or function, but I can’t seem to find it.

spatial anomalies show up on the mission button (middle top) once you are on the deployment screen, but there is no way to know what anomalies are present before the point at which you get to that screen.

O Master Coder, is there a way to alleviate that slight shortcoming? More information on a challenge is always good, and I find it annoying to download a challenge only to find OH GOD I AM NOT DOING THIS CRAP AGAIN. (Admittedly, I have some issues with over-the-top reactions to everyday situations. But you get my drift.)