How to overhaul the entire game and upload it as a mod


Hi everyone!

I’ve been wondering how is it possible to completely overhaul the game mechanics and upload it as a mod? Currently, I’m doing it by changing the “simulation” folder directly (and disabling all mods) but is it possible to make it as a mod? I will almost completely erase everything and start from stratch, so to speak :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


Seeing as I asked essentially the same question, but never got an affirmative reply, I would assume that no, it appears to not be possible to remove vanilla content with mods alone.


Thank you :slight_smile: Maybe if we do more lobbying, we’ll get our answer? :slight_smile:


It’s correct. It’s not possible to mod the vanilla content. But on the other side it is very easy to change also this part of game.
Best way: copy complete Democracy3 folder to your own folder. And then change/add/delete whatever you want.