Humble Bundle and GSB DLC

So, I picked up Humble Bundle #4 and have been pretty satisfied with it over all. However I was a little disappointed when I saw that the DLC for GSB wasn’t included. On Steam, to get the DLC it would cost $36.94, or from the GSB website I could get the DLC bundle, Parasites, and Conquest for $22.97. While it would be great to have seen these added to the bundle, I would like to see a another bundle for Steam wrapped up containing everything that the HIB buyers are missing out on, maybe in the 10-20 dollar range.

Thanks for listening.

Bought this today, and it works great for HumbleBundle. (That is, if you have a Mac)

No, I’m on the PC, but thanks for that info. Mac’s bundle has the 4 races the same as the PC bundle available, same price, but still need Parasites and Conquest Mode DLC. Just be nice to see it all as a bundle, the five extra races and Conquest, as some sort of megapack of DLC for a reasonable price. Otherwise I’m just waiting for another steam sale on the $39.XX bundle that has everything. Not sure if steam will properly assign me the extra copy of the game though.

I was interested in the modding scene too. Had an idea for a fan made project to convert Battlefleet Gothic to GSB, if it hasn’t been done already.

The Humble Bundle Steam Key does NOT give you GSB (At least, it did not for me). Just buy the DLC from the Positech site.

I just bought the DLC Campaign Mode, but having the original bought from the humble bundle I did not receive any key that I need to enter in order to play the campaign mode.

The Humble Bundle gives you an ONLINE key, which you need to enter first, before you can access campaign.

On behalf of the Friendly Community Mod Squad, we’d be happy to have you around. :smiley: No, Battlefleet Gothic has not yet been selected as a modding project.

Check out our subforum here. We have a mountain of fascinating projects to play with. I’m rather partial to this one. :wink:

Thank you, it’ll be interesting to work on. I got the parasites DLC and the Conquest mode, figured I could grab the other races later when I have some extra cash.

I also had an idea for 8bit retro ships, you know, all pixelly and stuff, and some really retro ASCII ships, hehe.

Steam has a sale on now where all of the DLC is 50% off. I’m quite happily going to grab them all :slight_smile: