I have a bug that no one else has?

I know that you receive SO much feedback and usually other people end up addressing important issues anyway so I really am not trying to add to the hundreds of posts, but I haven’t seen anyone bring this up and it’s likely that it’s maybe just my computer or something? It doesn’t annoy me so much but maybe other people with cheap laptops will/are experiencing this too and will bother them.

The financial data window is “transparent”. Once I open it up, and try to switch between the “Income”, “Expenditure”, and “Charts” tabs my mouse just clicks on and opens up what’s behind it. So for example, if I try click on “Charts”, depending on where my mouse is, instead of charts, it either opens up “Icon Controls”, “Opinion Polls”, etc… And if I try to X out it opens up the options window (as it’s right behind the X) so I have to click on the way lower part of the X. I’ve only noticed this with the financial data screen.

Like I said, it doesn’t bother me too much, and I was waiting for someone else to bring it up (and maybe they did and I just didn’t see it). Just trying to help out!

P.S. Adding the drug enforcement agency made me think… foreign policy ideas are few compared to others sectors, what about an immigration enforcement agency? Or as it’s called in the US - ICE.

Thanks so much for your extreme dedication and hard work, it’s an honor to support you and Democracy 4!

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Thats a weird bug! can you share a screenshot? or does it all look normal?

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Everything looks normal, it’s only when I click something.

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