I went to buy the Collector's edition but ....

I was going to buy the CE (collector’s edition) but I noticed different sites had different pricing so I shopped around. Found major problem. The CE edition isn’t. I’m disappointed about that. A game developer and myself get off of the wrong foot the second I’m lied too. The CE isn’t all inclusive and turns out there are different versions of the CE floating around on the internet.

The one on this site, the developers site, includes everything EXCEPT parasites and conquest.

The one on steam includes everything EXCEPT parasites. Yes STEAM is selling a CE with only parasites lacking. The STEAM version does have the conquest DLC in the CE. Why doesn’t the developer of the game?

And GamersGate has another CE I believe because it is cheaper than everyone elses but it doesn’t say what is included. So as far as I know it is just the base game with one DLC.

So what’s going on?

And why is parasites being excluded from the CE versions that list what’s included?

Either a game is a CE or it isn’t. When DLC content is missing from the CE then it isn’t a CE now is it.

This is a turn off and having multiple CE floating around is dumb. I won’t buy this game until the CE actually comes out and the developer decides to like his own expansions. By keeping parasites and galactic conquest out of the CE on the developers own site that tells me the developer doesn’t think they are worth including so why should I buy them?

If what passes for the CE on the developer’s site came out before the two excluded DLC’s then why not update the CE?

I think I’ll just go look for something else where the developers are actually serious about making, marketing, and selling their own product and don’t lie to potential customers. Apparently STEAM has a better view of GSB than the developer because the developer is keeping galactic conquest out of his CE and STEAM has included it. But both have exiled parasites so obviously that DLC is a waste the developer wishes would fade away and apparently the developer isn’t happy with galactic conquest either.

If the developer makes a product and intentionally leaves DLC’s out of the CE then why should I buy any of it? I’m assuming by that action the developer doesn’t think highly of his own work. So why should I?