New "Gold" bundle or Steam?

Hi, this is my first post here – actually I register on the forum to specifically post this :slight_smile:

I found out about this game about a week ago, d/l the demo, and is now very interested in it.

I was planning to buy the game + DLC from Steam, however I noticed that on the main website currently offering a “Gold” bundle at very attractive price

If I buy from game + all the DLC on Steam, that’s 19.99 + (5.99 * 3) or 37.96
If I buy a gold copy from the main site, that’s 25.95

So the gold bundle is very very attrative. However, I have one nagging question.

I’m the kind of person that only plays a game for a month or two, moves on, only to come back months or even years down the line to play the game again. Case in point, I’m digging up my Civilization IV discs to install again in anticipation of Civ V after not playing it for almost 2 years.

The thing is I some times have problem of keeping track of digital contents. If there is a physical discs, usually it’s fine as I have a dedicated box to store them. However with digital content and my tendency to get a new computer every 2-3 years, sometimes I lost things that I thought I had backed up somewhere but actually didn’t.

On Steam, this is not an issue as Steam let you d/l any thing you already paid for for unlimited times. So I can wipe my hd or get a new computer without worrying about losing my games.

Now, I just want to know if with buying form the main website, is there a way for me to re-download everything again later, presumably much later, like maybe 2-3 years down the line?

This would help me a lot in deciding on where to purchase my copy.

I know this may seem overly fussing for such trivial matters (only a few dollars difference), so I hope nobody is annoyed.

PS: I know you probably hear this a lot on this website, but let me say that this game looks to be awesome. I’m really impressed. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can re-download the game at any time. When it is purchased an email is sent to you that contains a download link to the game, and the link stays active even after downloading the first time allowing you to re-download it at any time. Another option is to simply burn the files to a disk since they are all just .exe files. The benefit of the download link however, is that it is always the latest version of the game.

Positech games has existed since 1997. I’ve been running this website longer than steam has existed.
if anything, this question should be asked of steam. not me :smiley:
You will always be able to re-download your game, even 40 years later.

Unless something really goes wrong, like every one of Cliff’s master copies somehow being rendered useless, or the collapse of the internet, but if that second one happens, it’s likely that we’ll all have bigger issues than not being able to get a new copy of a game we bought years ago…

That clinches it for me :slight_smile: and thanks for a very prompt reply as well.

It just that I have had some previous experience whereby the digital download content (music, at that time, but still it leave me with some nagging paranoid toward all digital content afterwards T_T) only stays downloadable for 30 days after purchase or after 3 downloads whichever comes first (If you ask why I agree to that terms and condidiont – i have to be honest and said I didn’t even bother to find out if there are any terms and conditions at that time LOL).

I know it’s not much but consider yourself to have one more fanatical follower of this game.

Unless we are being invaded by the Alliance in their Bug-eyed battleships and we just need to find out the exact armor penetration we need to beat their reinforced armor so we can squish their soft underside :slight_smile:

Just use beam lasers. It takes a horrendously high armor rating to defend against those, and the second a shot gets through everything goes to hell.

Welcome aboard, hunterai. Make full use of the forums – much to be learned here. :slight_smile:

Actually I plan to stay as far away from any strategy tips, uber cruiser configuration or similar threads on the forum until I at least finish all the single player portion. I prefer to allow my self the time to learn by trial and errors too. Of course, after that I will have to read up on all current tactics before even trying the multi-players part, else I would be just providing target practice (and not a very good one at that) for everyone else.

Another section of the forum that I will have to impose a restriction on myself is the mods forum. Otherwise I may never even play with the standard ships if I am able to field a bunch of Imperial Star Destroyers to go along a few Normandy under a blanket of Viper VIIs cover from day one :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll give you a few basic strategy tips anyways:

  1. Don’t be afraid to abort a battle if it’s not going too well; there is no penalty for trying a battle multiple times.
  2. Check the spatial anomalies before you deploy; you might need to adjust your ships’ orders, or even design entirely new ships.
  3. Some weapons are better at taking down shields, others at destroying armor; learn which are which.
  4. Each race has it’s own strengths and weaknesses; you’ll do better if you find one that fits your play style, or just the needs of the scenario.