Ideas and Bug

Okay, the bad first - I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but when I used the option to follow cam a single ship there was no way to disable it, so for the entire gratuitous battle I was stuck watching one ship!

Second Bug - while in the challenge screen, I received a message like ’ This player has different files then you, you should go to the GSB web site Ext.’ I would like a filter for modded games, otherwise it will scare away new players and those not willing to get the mods. Worst part of this particular bug is that the message stays on screen no matter what menu you go to, and also stays in battle mode!


I know it has already been suggested that 1v1 and 2v2 and such, what about a cooperative campaign, have radically different deployment money and pilots available to the two players. Player one starts a coop mission, makes his fleet and then sends it off to his buddy, who adds his fleet on and around the first one, and sends player one back a completed mission to fight out.

Race specific campaigns. I was not very happy when I played through the entire campaign only to find out that it was not a ‘Federation’ Campaign it was supposed to be for all races… I would like to see a new campaign unlocked when you purchase access to a new race, it would be a great way of familiarizing people with the different races and how they play. Honestly I have no reason to switch to other races since they don’t offer any real race bonuses/handicaps.

Repair bay priority: damaged fighters always go to the closest repair bay, instead send them to the repair bay with the least fighters currently being repaired, this would stop hordes of damaged fighters snaking towards the next repair bay in long battles. Not very cool looking.


Shield Projector, you have seen them do it in star trek - and to me it was pretty cool looking! So why not allow a module to beam over a certain percentage of shield points/stability to another friendly ship in need?

Chaff/flare: Fighter module allowing the release of decoys that have a chance of confusing inbound missiles, would look cool to boot! =)

Fighter command: Crew hungry module that can improve the hit accuracy of fighters within its sphere of influence

Recovery module: recovers escape pods traveling nearby for a small boost in honor, possibly repairs damage done to crew compartment only.

Salvage beam: Replenishes repair supplies needed in fighter bays and repair modules by attacking nearby wrecks, can also fire at an enemy ship if no wrecks are available. Cannot harm shields but does a small amount of damage to hull or armor.

Suicide module: Frigate module designed to detonate the magazines and energy reserves of the ship most effectively, adding greatly to the power and explosive radius of the ships detonation. Abandon ship never sounded so good!

G-Well projector: Fires an artificial gravity well at a ship which slows it and any other ships in close proximity.

Thank you for this great game =)