Ideas for Cyborg race

-First Modding Attempt!-

Well, as I mentioned in the Uni-T/Union thread, I’m going to start making a Cyborg race (which would hopefully tie in somehow to the Union/Uni-T war).

Basically, I need ideas

Some I already have:

-Ballistics (Railguns, Autocannons, etc.)
-THELs (Tactical High Energy Lasers) (an idea from the flash game “The Space Game”)-Basically a beam laser with an insane fire duration /reload time
-Uber repair modules (Nanites)
-Uber armor (Nanites)
-Nanite Warheads (Nanites-Do I see a pattern here?) (basically like the Order rad missile, except with a bluish tint)
-Quality over Quantity (opposite of Uni-T) (few ships, but each one is a powerhouse)
-Uber Weaponry (to combat the Uni-T’s different weapon classes)
-High costs (to prevent the race from being horribly overpowered) (each hull would have a +x% cost)
-Artificial Intelligences (fire control, crew, etc.)
-Really nice EMP Shields
-Improved defensive systems (I kind of want the race in general to be defense-oriented)
-Energy (weaponry/power generators)
-Cyborg Storage Bays (kind of like Borg “sleeping” bays) (have lots of crew but require a lot of power)
-Nanite Engine Disruptor (a super-strong tractor beam with insane range that has horrid tracking)
-Carrier Bays for Frigates
-Defense Turrets! (Campaign) (Two sizes-frigate/cruiser)

Also, I need a modder who can create hulls/turrets (I have no experience whatsoever with Gimp/Photoshop)

Make em’ yourse… No, I must be nice to noobs. Especially promising guys like this one.

My kid and I have repatedly played the hell out of The Space Game, and it’s wonderful. I fully support your inclusion of the dreaded THEL!

Shylo, if I can think of additional new concepts to send you way, I’ll do so. I think you’re off to a really good start. Don’t be discouraged. :slight_smile:

this looks promising (I especially love the recharging spots. But he problem with the nanite warheads idea is that every radiation weapon uses the same radiation texture. Its hardcoded, which is really a disappointment. And I’ll announce my idea that I have been keeping secret for a while, except for 2 people:
Virus weapons:
Basically a beam weapon, but with a beamtexture more like the tractor beam. There are different versions, like:
Shield overload: High shield pen
Heating overload: High armor pen
AI Sabotage: ECM beam
Engine overload: Very powerful tractor beam, completely stops any ship.

Wow. I was browsing this thread for a little anti-boredom (even a new Conquest gets a little boring after like nonstop play, btw is why i wasnt on for like a year) and ive just been playing the heack out of TSG also and as soon as I saw you are using THELS i laugh that failure of a laugh of mine and then it actually hits me and i #$%# my pants!


hmm, some more stuff to do in reclusion, away from all, heh heh heh, dont think ill be bakc 4 a while, bb

Thing is, though, is that I have NO idea how to get a beam laser to deal multiple “hits” (without giving the laser an insane salvo size).

-I apologize if double-posting isn’t permitted-

On the topic of viruses, is it possible for a ship’s “gunner” prioritites to be altered mid-battle(to target friendlies)? Also, is it possible for a ships’s “driver” to be screwed up mid-battle (to make the ship fly in a random pattern)? If it is, then it would provide for an “AI virus” that could severely disrupt a ship (and also provide for some…interesting…com lines)

unfortuantely, I think that no is the answer to all of those questions :frowning:
BUT there could be a virus that acts like a super tractor beam with a low tracking speed. That way it can only really hit cruisers and slower frigates, making them easier to hit. If it has super long range and a very long duration, it can be used to hold enemy ships at the far side of the battle field while you take out the faster ships that are closing in :slight_smile:

Awww… there goes my cruiser sized hacking system D:
That idea came to me the past week!! Cough Mind-readers Cough

The original idea is to make a “Long Range - Overpowered Tractor Beam” but with many changes (talking about graphics and sounds)…
Then when a Ship enters in the range of the weapon, it will be instantly stopped by a “virus” hacking some systems of the ship (or a massive tractor beam xD )
This idea comes to me with a plus, thanks to Cliff his next patch :wink:
What is it? Well, do you think about:

Epic ambient + Epic voice

With the addition of multiple sound effects, i can make (as example) a tractor beam that do the next thing in the correct moments:

  1. Fires > Firing sound.
  2. Ship Slowing Down > AI voice: “-The enemy engines are offline.” + Firing sound .
    (making those sounds cyclic)


That’s unfortunate… (in respone to Wasabi’s post)

Anyways, though, that idea (now that I think of it) could actually be feasible (as a beam that continuosly transfers nanites that jam the engines)
There wouldn’t really need to be more variants either, since the EMP effect takes care of my other idea (a beam that disables weapons)

now you’re thinking like a modder! :slight_smile:
You come up with ideas, try to think off existing weapons/modules that are similar, eliminate the impossible, and test the remainder.

I’ve been thinking of making something similar to your ideas. After playing around with UniT yesterday I came up with an interesting idea for dealing with fighters. I was thinking of creating an offshoot of the Order that has absolutely no fighters of its own (due to lack of population from being a small group that left the Order) but has advanced frigate and cruiser modules that excel at killing enemy fighters, lower crew requirements for all modules, and frigate droid bays and larger cruiser droid bays (to compensate for the race having a lack of population). The ships would all still be slow like the Order and follow the same basic design, but be larger and more expensive.

One of my favorite UniT modules is the cruiser drone launcher rapid. It excels at slowing down fighters. I was thinking of making a cruiser version of UniT’s frigate anti-fighter missile rapid so that your cruisers can both slow down and easily hit enemy fighters. Another thing I would do is make a frigate version of UniT’s cruiser drone launcher rapid so frigates would be even more effective vs fighters. Or instead of anti-fighter missiles, I might use a custom flak gun based off of some that I’ve come across on here (slow down enemy fighters and shoot them down with short-range, rapid, explosive flak).

It would still be balanced with the official races since drone launchers and anti-fighter missiles (or a custom flak gun) have little to no effect on anything other than fighters. When combating this race, official races would simply not use fighters against them.

I think Uni-T is designed to be Quality over Quantity, Uni-T viral is designed to be Quantity over Quality.

Well, cliffski is the only moderator and there ARE rules when you signed up Randy.
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Anyways to get back on topic:
Anyways if you have any questions about Uni-T please let me know and i will answer them for you.
Also if you can keep me informed about your progress and design ideas - since i am in the middle of making changes to Uni-T second evolution i can make sure that it will still fit with your mod.

Though, to be honest, I did find Randy’s language a bit offensive (even given that it was intended as a joke).

I don’t get it… I directed it at myself to prevent anyone else being offended…

It was just the language in general. Guess I’m just a bit sensitive.


why do I get the feeling we’re off-topic… Oh wait, its cause we are.


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Therefore could we please guide the conversation BACK to the topic, which is feedback and suggestions for Shylo about his Cyborg Race Mod . .