New Unit Type

Well since I’ve finished up classes for the quarter I’ve decided to do a little warm-up before starting back into my Stargate mod. I’m not going to go into any specific details, but basically I’m going to be making a new unit type that will change things up a bit for more defensive minded players.

I’ll put up some more information in a day or two.

Space Stations? or possibly a space “land” mine destroyer? :slight_smile:

Well I had planned on getting all of this done rather quickly; however, I have run into a slight distraction AKA Star Trek Online. I’ve gotten the images done, as well as a few preliminary modules, but I’m having some trouble figuring out how to get it all balanced. Hopefully I’ll get it finished over the next few days though since I’m on a family trip, and only have access to my laptop which has pretty much only enough power to run GSB, Starcraft, and Half Life (do you really need more than that though?).

I’ll go ahead and tell you guys what I’m doing, and you guys can tell me what you think. Basically I’m making defense satellites. My plan is to allow them to be capable of carrying exactly one cruiser class weapon each with 2-3 additional slots for power generators, armor, or engines. What will make them effective in the game is that instead of making them frigates or cruisers I have set them up as fighters, and they can therefore be deployed in squadrons with the stick together command which makes them far more effective than they would be as cruisers/frigates. They will not have the maneuverability of fighters since they are larger than fighters, and carry much heavier weapons and armor.

So far the modules that I have allowed them to use include:
All cruiser energy weapons (laser, beam laser, fusion beam, point defense, defense laser, etc)
Cruiser ECM Beam
Armor equivalent to the frigate powered armor; however without the power usage.
Frigate sized missile/torpedo weapons. (Unless they prove overpowered as the cruiser sized missiles did)

I had originally planned on allowing them to use cruiser missiles and rockets; however, they were simply far too powerful when that was done due to the massive number of defense satellites you can use. If frigate sized weapons also prove too powerful I will have to remove them as well, but I have a feeling that they will work out just fine.

If you guys have any suggestions feel free to tell me.