Immigration seems way too high?

I feel like immigration is set way too high and the impact on minorities is way too high. In 15-20yrs no matter what (with max border controls and max citizenship tests) I always seem to have runaway immigration and 100% minorities.

Unless I purposely tank GDP it seems inevitable. And if that’s the case, okay… but in 15-20 yrs that surge in minorities and immigration seems insane. I feel like it’s impact should be lower or the effects of border controls and citizenship tests should be more.

Or maybe there should be one for border controls and another for border security. As it sounds like you have citizenship tests be synonymous for border controls, and border controls for border security.

More immigration policy is definitely needed. Maybe having asylum, high skilled and family immigration policies be separate since they each have different effects and different voter groups have very different opinions about them.

In the USA, there has been talk about increasing paperwork and filing fees (some of it has already been instituted for some classes of immigrants), as a deterrent in essence. Other bureaucratic reforms, like requiring “N/A” on all paperwork forms have also been instituted again for some classes of immigrants, making the bureaucratic paperwork threshold much higher, again in the hopes of reducing net immigration (at least of lower income people).

Almost sounds like the japanese approach