With good GDP it is impossible to control immigration without draconian measueres

With good GDP i always end the game with 100% minority population and near 100% immigration. This does not make sense, first of all immigration/minority population over about 15% should trigger a political revolution. I think we have plenty of evidence for this. Immigration/minority should max out at about 20% of the population and this should be a big political problem. (I realize I am conflating immigration/minority ethnicity. Foreign born seems politically stable to about 10%-15% and minority population from 10%-30%)

(and my 100% minority population is pissed at my border controls and citizenship tests.)


I’m aware that immigration definitely skews too high, and I’m tweaking it…

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Actually i would not even care about immigration if it was not the main cause of unemployment. Main problem is unemployment being to high and allowing border controls to bring down immigration more would fix that. Actually will it be better to rename border controls to legal immigration? (border controls will be implied by how high the enforcement is).

Yeah, perhaps there should be a policy about how easy it is for foreigners to get a permanent and quality job. It might be some kind of trade-off between unemployment and crime:

  • if they aren’t allowed a job in the first place, they technically won’t show up in the unemployment stats, but they are gonna resort to illicit employment or, failing to secure that, eventually see little to no way out than to go criminal
  • but if your economy can’t provide enough jobs for both native residents and newcomers, unemployment will definitely be an issue (and that, in turn, will also boost crime indirectly of course)

There could also be the opposite of brain-drain (brain-gain?) if you make it fairly easy for foreigners to get education and subsequent high quality jobs.