In Game Editor?

What sort of in-game editor will we be seeing in GTB will it be the same sort of rough and ready one that GSB has(fine wit me) or will it be worked on more so that its easier and works better?

The map editor will be way way better than the GSB ship hull editor, which was always supposed to be just for me, and bodged in by me at the last minute.
I can’t make any promises about a hull editor, but the hulls in GTB are actually much simpler in modding terms anyway.

Thanks, if it easier than what GSB was to change then it should be super easy, one small question can you change what the soldiers look like all round e.g. make them have four legs if you modded it right or is there a special walking thing that would screw with it?

GTB works on sprite sheets, so if yiou really wanted to, and had the time, you could mod in something with four legs, although it would take some effort.
Nothing would technically prevent it, anyway.

Awesome, beware of my centaur army xD

Cliff, does GTB will have customizable bullet/bolt textures?

Haha, so a StarCraft mod COULD work… (other than the air units)

Imagine, a giant army of Siege Tanks, Marauders, Hellions and Marines attacking a Protoss battle group of Stalkers, Immortals and Zealots, with no need for micro…

…All in 2-D.

How to edit the game?