Initial money

Hello,is there any way to change starting money in Kudos 2? Would love a new car. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure about starting cash, but you can easily edit the game files to make the cars cheaper (some might consider that cheating, but if you’re going to just give yourself MASSIVE amount of starting cash anyway :p).

Step 1: Backup your Kudos 2\Data\Simulation folder.
Step 2: Edit “assets.csv” (open in Notepad or another CSV program like CSVed)
Step 3: Find “cheapcar”, “midrangecar” and/or “expensivecar” and edit the purchase cost (when looking along the cheapcar line you should see “carstart.ogg,0.5,400,4”. The 0.5 is the resale percentage, the 400 is the initial cost and the 4 is the daily cost.


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config.txt file located in the data directory. Look for the value GV_STARTINGCASH and up the figure and this is what money you will start with.

Thanks all :smiley: