Installing steam version on laptop

Havign trawled through the forum, I see that there is no problem with installing GSB on multiple machines (as long as you’re obviously not taking the piss)

My problem is that I’ve got the steam version and want to install GSB on my work laptop.

My work has put a blanket ban on steam, so I can’t install it the usual way - is the exe from the steamapps tied into my steam account? ie can I just copy the GSB folder across (which is horribly inelegant, registry wise I know - but fuck it, it’s the work laptop =] ), tap in my serial and play away or will it throw up an error?

actually it should probably work fine.

Thanks for the reply cliffski - gonna give it a go tonight, will let the boards know how I get on.

Had a similar issue with mount and blade, it’s annoying how steam meddles with game executables and makes it impossible to play stuff you’ve got installed if you’re not signed into to steam. It’s just a good job they sell stuff more cheaply than the shops and I don’t have to drag my arse into town to buy the stuff I want =]

worked fine on the laptop…
untill i bought tribes and tride do the same as before
now its throwing a steam error at me when i try to launch…
is there a downloadable version of GSB+tribes i can get using my serial key?

The exe itself is unchanged by tribes. Tribes is just a pack of data, so the exe should either run or not. However, it could be that the arrangement of files means the exe thinks tribes files are there, but they are not, and that could theoretically trihgger an error in the exe.
Tribes sticks tiny files in the \data\installs and \data\packages folders, so it’s worth seeing what is going on there.

The error being thrown up is an steam application code, not a path fault.

Much sobbing still continues =[


Error code being thrown up is in a window called Steam Error
Error code is:

mean anything to you?

PS I can replicate this error on my main PC with steam installed just by copying the folder over to a new location, exiting steam and attempting to run GSB directly from the exe.

Hmm…might be time to change my mind about the pathing error possibility…

Nope, this is all steam error code stuff. You would have to ask them :frowning:

Right, I’ve started a support thread on steam. To be honest, I can only see 2 ways out of this problem:

  1. Steam verifies my purchase to cliffski so he can provide me with a download link.
  2. Steam provides me with an unencrypted exe.

I’ll get back in touch with cliffski (who has been awesome to the point of replying to email on christmas day!) once I’ve heard back from steam.