Insufficient construction? (Galactic conquest)


I made a Leviathan using PI mod, then when I try to make it the “Insufficient construction” message blocks me from doing it. What is causing this?


That’s new, do you can post a pic of that? i would like to see it.

In my opinion, or you cannot afford the huge ship, or it is just too big to be deployed in any scenario of the GC and the game is preventing you… but I’m just throwing random ideas…

Actually i’ve never tested PI mod in Galactic Conquest, and you are the second person that reports a bug with it… i think that i have to start more testings…


Shipyards in the campaign have a limit to how much they can build in a turn, and large, modded ships can exceed this limit. To increase this limit, go to gratuitous space battles\campaign\data\facilities and increase the “construction limit” value in the text file for “shipyarda” (the large shipyard) - the number is the number of credits you can spend there in 1 turn.