DookCraft Laboratories [MODPACK]

This is a set of modules (Which are probably OP; please tell me how to improve them if you can, preferably without changing core things like damage, crew members given, or power production.) that are supposed to be hyper-advanced. So, for example, the “Crew Module N4N0” which can fit 600 crew members, or the “Dimensional Negater Shields” which are very good shields.

Download here:

Step 1: Download the mod itself.
Step 2: Extract “dl” file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gratuitous Space Battles\data\installs (Or your computer’s equivalent)
Step 3: Extract “DookCraft Laboratories” folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gratuitous Space Battles (Or your computer’s equivalent).
Step 4: Run the game.

What you need: Base Game (Obviously), Order, Swarm

This shouldn’t conflict with any mods.
This doesn’t conflict with the vanilla game.

Cliffski for the thing this pack wouldn’t be possible without; Gratuitous Space Battles.
Darkstar for helping me through my modding troubles.
Praetors for the Purple Laser Beam from Ghosts.
Archduke Astro for inspiring me to make Dreadnought sized weapons.
The creator of the MAC mod (I can’t find it and i can’t remember who it was) for inspiring me to make my own versions of them.

Thanks for feedback and comments!

EDIT: V1.2 is out! Featuring a new target painter, a bug fix, and a new laser.

Before i launch into my feedback, I would like to say thanks for the acknowledgements in the credits :slight_smile:

General Feedback.

  • A good structure to the way you have packaged the mod which makes it easy to install :slight_smile:

  • A possible conflict for this mod is if a Modded race does not have the standard turret mapping convention. Consider restricting the modules to the core & DLC races

  • you have 2 weapons “dreadnought_mac_” & “dreadnought_mac” - the only difference is if it can fit on a Frigate or a Cruiser. Is this intentional ?

  • For your naming conventions of weapons, you have used some rather common options (for example “fighter_engine IV”). Consider placing DookCraft_ in front of the name. While it will not be seen in the game - there is next to no chance that it will conflict with any mod out there.

First of all, thanks.

The “dreadnought_mac” and “dreadnought_mac_” IS intentional. The idea was initially that you could mount the Orbital Mac on a Space Station, but then I downloaded Classic DNs and realised it could fit Dreadnoughts as well.

I don’t know what you mean by the turret mapping. I feel like a noob XD.

I can see how that would conflict. I will change that.


Added dookcraft_ to the front of all modules and added a couple more I was working on, link updated.

Also, any advice on balancing?

No Worries, from the GSB Modding 101 Thread - Turret mapping
Have a read, it explains on how you can get your own turrets into the game

In a nutshell Turret Mapping is about how the Module, Race file and image files combine to display the turrets in game and in the design screen.

As for Balancing . . its an art not a science.
It all depends on what you were trying to achieve in the first place. For example:

  • A new set of weapons that are in line with the original modules
  • A set of advanced and powerful weapons which are offset by high resource requirements

I had a read of the link, I’m not sure what you mean; everything I used regarding graphics is either contained in the mod or in the GSB Game / Packs.

And I sorta wanted the modules to be advanced with large resource needs.

Ah! I think I get it. Hmmm…I’d quite like to be able to use this in other mods. For example, I used the UniT Tanker to make a Warbarge with nothing but MACs in terms of weaponry. Is there any other way around this? Hmmm…

Facepalm - I forgot rule #134 of modding. So I am wrong with my earlier assessment
In other words - there should be no conflict with any other mods

Here is why:
When you created the weapons you did not restrict them to any race
Any mod where they did not map the original weapon set will need to also turn off the default weapon.
Therefore your weapons (in theory) will be treated as default weapons and will not cause any issues.

Sorry for confusing the issue

I don’t even now what you just said. I mean it sorta got throught that I should just ignore the past few posts. Also, there are 133+ rules-of-modding?

Yes - at this point there is no cause for alarm

More like lessons . . in one way or another they are documented all over this forum :slight_smile:

Okay. Unless I add more modules or the link breaks or someone gives more feedback I’m basically done.

EDIT: Although I need to fix a problem with a cruiser module that I accidentally made fighter size and is completely unusable because it needs 10 crew XD. But I’ll do that in the morning.

EDIT 2: Done. Released in 1.2.