[Intentional Feature 1.33] Marketing Ends - Brand Awareness is zero

Don’t know if this is a known issue or not, but I ran three brand awareness campaigns, which while running brought in alot of people and boosted my brand awareness to 90+ percent. Once the Campaigns Ended, it Dropped to 0% brand awareness. I Ran all three campaigns at one time.

Hi, that is currently how the game works, I’m assuming that you had thought (quite reasonably tbh) that the brand awareness would linger after the campaign ended for a while? This is a good idea, and TBH something I had not thought about until I read this…

Ok, yeah, this is the first I’ve played with marketing. I know before I used any marketing I had some brand awareness (Edit: I just checked some old save games, and I was wrong, I thought I saw something there, Overactive imagination), 6-8 percent or something. So I thought I would not go all the way back to zero, maybe back to what I had Prior, maybe a little higher with some residual effect. Of course it would fade if you stopped using marketing.

But it was amazing how many people it brought in to look for a car. I quite like that aspect.

More Edit:
To build on this thought, not knowing the coding it would take, but I think overall it could increase by the number of cars sold, say 1 percent per 100 cars. Then there could be a brand Decay rate as well, where each day it decreases by 1 percent (or some other number). Marketing could boost it like it does, and maybe post marketing it could decay per hour at 1 percent, but never dropping below the initial brand awareness. Eventually once defects are introduced, that would decrease the brand awareness, or even lead to an infamy percentage for producing shoddy vehicles. Defects could drive down the brand awareness below the percentage based on vehicles produced.

I think i just confused myself, lol

yup, when defects are in I definitely want it to be a long term knock (along with safety issues) to your brand.