Interest rates bug

hay everyone. im having a problem with the “interest rates” policy . it crashes the game whenever i try to impliment it. is anyone else having this problem? can anyone help me out. im a pest i know…

Not sure exactly what the problem was, but I think the main one was that it was all a bit messy. This wasn’t the original author’s fault - the mod was made in the early days of Democracy 2 when modding wasn’t as easy as it is now and the CSV files had to be edited to add certain things to the game. This makes it very complicated to install and even to check over and isn’t at all ideal.

Given that mods can now be added to the game a lot more easily thanks to changes in the way the game works since it was first released, I’ve reorganised the mod, and it seems to be working fine now. I shall E-mail the original creator to ensure that this is OK with him, then if so, will E-mail the new version to Cliff to put on his server.

ah lovely. thankyou


The new version is now up at …

However, you will need to remove all the content added by the old version of the mod. I’d recommend a fresh install of Democracy, otherwise there could be conflicts between the two versions. Hopefully that will sort your problems out.