Is there a point to the cars?

I finally saved up enough money to buy a cheap car only to find that it is still notably cheaper to take the bus to work than to drive myself (that honestly doesnt even make sense but thats just me). Is there some advantage to owning a car other than the modest kudos/confidence boost?

It’s much less stressful on long journeys to use the car. It’s all about arriving to work in a better mood. Also, you can’t ever get mugged in your car (although you can get stuck in traffic).

I found the cars pointless. You are better off with martial arts lessons and an mp3 player :slight_smile:

A whole lot cheaper as well…

Martial arts and an MP3 player > a car

Just like real life :slight_smile:

Wayno, where everybody was kung foo fighting

There is a point to the cars. My character is a Law Partner with an expensive car and she gets +25 confidence boost from her car. I just wish driving to work was cheaper. Realistically, it would cost $4 or even less each way to drive 20 miles to work. Not $22+ each way. Please change this in Kudos 3. It is hard to amass a fortune when so much of her salary is going towards driving to work. It is not realistic. My character has $11,000+ and I have been playing her for about 30 years but she should be able to amass over $100,000+.

In reality, driving your own saves you tons of time both to work and everywhere else. In the game, it affects nothing.

Except for big cities, cars make a difference.

In the country, cars are essential. I right now live out in the country and it’s 9 miles to the main part of town where there’s a few tiny markets and gas stations. The closest ATM machine is 20 miles away in the next town.

The third Doctor (played by an actor who had a motorcycle tatoo on his arm that showed in one episode and broke the character) even had his own car.