Israel in Democracy?

Are there any plans to include Israel in a future version of Democracy?

As a sidenote, does anyone know if an Israel mod was/has ever been created?

I ask because I would think that it would be extremely challenging to be able to run Israel while balancing policies and staying in power in a game like Democracy, and it is a shame that Israel isn’t included.


Well, I’m going to assume that the ear-splitting silence is, in fact, an answer to my question and that there are no plans to include Israel in a future version of Democracy and/or that no one has toyed with an Israel mod (and yes, I did a search before posting…). That’s quite a shame as I’d think it would make for one of the greatest challenges that this game has to offer in a variety of ways (intellectually, ethically, etc.). Perhaps if I buy a copy I’ll consider working on a mod myself…