[New Country] Israel Mod 0.2

A country in hot dispute for its existance, many enemies and problems on a daily basis, terrorism, crime, and brain drain for high taxes, Israel is in quite a difficult state for all people.

This mod is made by me (AKA DancingEngie on Steam). It adds 2 new policies about Israel. Yes, I am aware it shows up in every other country. This is not a problem of the mod.

Version 0.2
-Fixed typo on “West Bank” policy.
-Added “Arab Relations” simulation.
-Added 2 events.

Download through workshop:
steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … earchtext=

I am literally clueless as to how i install this mod from the link below.
Could someone help an idiot out with this? I’ve given up a few times in the past but i really want to play Israel.

you click subsribe

Would it be possible for you to upload the mod here as well please.