The Israel mod

First thing first, it’s superb. I’ve had a lot of fun playing as Israel.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve downloaded Israel, its unique policies show up in other games. West Bank policies and Arab world relations should not be a part of any non-Israeli game.

Can this be fixed? I’m not even sure who to complain to.

Hi Ruzslava,

in the steam workshop discussion about the Isreal Mod, cliffski posted the following:

I definitely need to add a capability for policies to be restricted to specific named countries, that would help a lot

So the answer is, this is currently not working, you have to disable the mod, when playing the other countries.

If there are other complaints, “MarioishBeast” (name here in the forums) is the creator of the israel mod,
at least he states so in this thread

I am the creator of the mod. My steam name is also MarioishBeast.

I am aware of the problem. This is because all policies you add for one mod transfer to all countries. Only idea I can think of is to Disable the mod each time you don’t start Israel. Also it would be funny if Canada occupies the West Bank. Cliff is aware of the problem, I believe. And thanks for your kind words.