It's been a while, Gratuitous Modding!

How’s it going everyone?

Salutations. I hope that someone sees this and reads it, as I have some things I would like to share. First off, I can’t thank this game and its modding community enough for dedicating countless hours of fun in my childhood. It was a blast to come home from school and delve into this game with my brother. Shortly after I found out what modding was, it opened new doors for me. I wanted to learn all the tricks of the trade that would allow me to manifest my own custom content into the game. It almost made me feel like I was a game developer, a career I currently striving toward and hoping to succeed in. But that’s enough about me.

With the upcoming release of R-Type Final 2, it brought a wave of nostalgia that I hadn’t felt in years. So I decided to revisit my favorite childhood games, which landed me here.

Through this current pandemic, I was forced to become a recluse in my own home, which actually wasn’t the biggest change for someone as introverted as I am. I decided to scavenge these ancient forums into how to get started. Getting past all the dead links and decade-old posts (which brought literal tears of nostalgia to my eyes), I got the grasp of it. Because of massive boredom and avid interest, I was able to create 2 new races with fully fledged scenarios, and additional ships to the existing vanilla and DLC races. With the expansions, I decided to add new ship classes to the existing roster that they didn’t have before (Corvettes, Dreadnoughts, etc.). Please don’t critique my designs too harshly, I’m still fairly a novice :smile:

Now with that being said, only two people have come to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Those being me and my brother. I would absolutely love it if someone else decided to show interest, because I feel as if I’m the last one of our kind in the modern day, which I very well may be. Even if no one reads this, I wish the best to our community members that have moved on, this is the kindest and most wholesome modding community I’ve seen from someone who is constantly active in Bethesda, Terraria, Space Engineers, Soulsbourne, and Half life Modding.

Here is one screenshot I’ve done with the Parasites, their new dreadnought.

Parasite Dreadnought

And the new races. The first one I created a couple months back were the Amidonians, a dark and foreboding race that excels in all aspects but are very costly.

The second one are The Spirits, a pale-shaded race that triumphs in oppressive offense but lacks hull integrity. Also very cost efficient.

I would be more than happy to share more details with anyone that’s interested as well as giving download links, so please let me know! Even if it’s only one or two people :]

Also, huge shoutout to Praetors and Darkstar, you two are my heroes! Not only have you posted incredibly helpful findings that helped me create ships, but you’ve also created fantastic content that showed my 12 year old self that modding is undoubtedly incredible.

Have a great day and stay safe everyone!


Order Dreadnought

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Alliance Dreadnought

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New team: Amidonian Titan

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New team: Spirit Destroyer

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G’Day Deadblot - Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

Some nice work here mate, the craftmanship is fantastic. (the Amidonian Titan is my favourite)
Hey and thanks for the shoutout, I must admit, they were good times working with the community.

I might even scratch that nostalgic itch and fire up GSB :smiley:

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Holy heck it’s darkstar! This is unreal…

The Amidonians that I made were heavily inspired by the Uni T Prime, one of my favorite mods of all time. I really appreciate you stopping by of all people! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I sense something; a presence I have not felt since . . .

No wonder I liked the design :smiley:

Very nice ship! The community is certainly far from what it was but I know I personally still have a look around occasionally and more modded content is always welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll dust off my copy off GSB and play a few rounds later.


I know this thread’s almost another year old again now, but I’m hoping for Deadblot to come back, I’d love to see this to fruition. I still got copies of most of the GSB mods I got way back in the day and while that’s sure to still give me hours of added content every time I boot it up (specially on this new computer), new content is always appreciated to go with the old stuff. Especially as dreadnaughts was one of the first mods I ever used and I’ve been hoping for DLC dreads for ages now.

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Hello hello! So here are the mods I have finished atm. Please give them a try! If they end up crashing the game, make sure to install Classic Dreadnoughts and praetorian industries first, as I used some of their modules as a base.

Taisho Republic
The Spirits

Thanks for the mods, they are very nice.

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