Japan Adjustments

Japan should adjustments for nuclear energy for the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan should have adjustments for ancient capitalism. Many Japanese businesses have been part of the social fabric for either a thousand or for hundreds of years.

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I wonder if copystrike there is very strict like is on YouTube


Nintendo copystrikes pieces of music on YouTube from their games and YouTube is forced to comply.

Ohhh. Yeah I see, I know. So, copystrike where?


Yeahh, I think the Japanese law is very strict on copyright

Oh, by “there” you meant Japan, I thought you meant some platform other than YouTube.

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Now… regarding more adjustment, I wish that the game addresses the overbearing suicide rates happening in Japan.

I imagine that the reduction in pop would quite low per year. 21100 suicides (2020) = <0.02%/year, assuming Japan’s pop at 120 million. Still this can be represented in game, and so there should mental health policies.

US, I think has lots of suicides per year too.

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