[BALANCE]Plane Crash And Slaughterhouse Events

These events fire too often (requires balance).

  1. I keep Work Safety Law in place with at least >30% slider and rarely see that event.
  2. I also don’t encounter this one that frequently but Plant-based Diet simulation tends to be quite high in my playthrough mostly thanks to anti-obesity policies.

Hmm…I see. Still, I’d just like to see Cliff check his stats, and see if these events are disproportionate. But thanks for the advice, nonetheless.

I do wish that work safety law had more specific options. Especially for the “plane crash” event, but also somewhat for the “mine collapse” event - the regulation of specific industries with the potential for high profile accidents with effects on the industry and its consumers, is quite independent of the political concept of regulating industries where workplace accidents are just a buried statistic.

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