JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler)

users.on.net/~jscones/softwa … jsgme.html

The Generic mod enabler.

Creates a MOD folder in the game root, then mods are thrown in there. App removes the replaced files (if any) and archieves them, then when the mod is disabled, they original files are put in place.

[-raises Spock-like eyebrow-] Fascinating. [-lowers Spock-like eyebrow-]

What a useful companion tool for a game. Nice find. :slight_smile:

That would come in handy.

It’s the tool used in Silent Hunter, but I have made it work with Il-2 mods, etc. It’s quite easy to use. It will warn when any mod modifies a file in another mod as well.

I thought I’d bump this.

I am using it right now. You install JSGME in the game root folder, and under “tasks” create a snapshot of the game. JSGME creates a MODS folder. You put a mod in the MODS folder set up as mod_name/data/folders used in mod and files within the right folders

The game then moves a copy of any altered files (unaltered) and overwrites with the mod. When you disable the mod, it puts the original files back.