Jumble Dreadnauts

I’ve been working Pages (Apple Application) and PSE with some Federation Ships and look what happened:


It’s not even operational yet, and I still have to make a damaged and hulk, but it only took me a few minutes to do that so I suddenly need to know what you think.
It has been done before, but I reckon I can make more than one different design with the same bits.
It’s just like a picture puzzle!

Well, any feed back is app. Thanks, gonna start doing the damaged version.

If you intend that the pieces of other hulls within the Jumble Dreadnought are still the same size as whatever parts of whatever ships they were liberated from [-chuckle-], my fear is that the resulting JDN will be so huge that even enemy frigates (and probably cruisers) could get within its shield bubble. I hope I’m mistaken about that unexpected outcome. :smiley:

Minor glitch: The area between the port and starboard engine pods at the aft part of the center section need to be cut out so that they’re transparent. Those areas currently show as white.

The visual aesthetics of this ship are interesting. I like this particular example of “Frankenstein” assembly. It’s easy to take it to excess, though. My own opinion is that the center section would make a better Jumble Dreadnought all by itself, as would each of the two flanking “wing” sections. What do you think of that counterproposal?

I’ve always pretty much thought of that as a force balancer for Dreadnought sized ships. In order to prevent your dreadnoughts from getting their shields bypassed you have to have other cruisers, frigates, or fighters protecting each one much like you would have to in real life.

As for the ship it’s not too bad. It could definitely be fun seeing a couple of this type of dreadnought in a battle.

I like your ideas. Therefore I will do this:

Make multiple (smaller) dreadnauts (all designed from the Federation, they seem to have ships that fit together well).

Make a VERY large mega jumble dreadnaut (maybe just an add on to the one I already have) that uses woden’s idea of if it’s too big it has a disadvantage.

BTW: Another disadvantage to dreadnauts would be that they would be within range earlier, due to their size, but my dreadnauts will have most of their weapons at the back so that they do not gain an advantage from this.

THX 4 the ideas.

Here’s the damaged one:


I am going to finish the Hulk for this, then play some UrbanTerror for a while.


That image wont work right.
the background needs to be transparent and you cant have “missing bits” on damage ships. the damage effects overlay the ship sprite, so if the damage dds has any part missing it will show the undamaged (normal) dds beneath it.
hope that made sense.

Wouldnt that just mean that the undamaged bit would show up and everything would be fine?

Also, I’m going to shut down this topic, as I must do some more work on my new Race.

your Dreadnaughts look pretty sweet sir…they impressed me to be sure.

Actually, with the Union Mod I’m working on (VERY SOON to be released) all but one ship is a composite of other ships of the same race…so you’re idea isn’t new…but who cares if it works right?

And actually…one of my cruisers features parts from multiple races, but you can’t tell because I had some AMAZING help making it blend together.

Aww, now im blushing … but really, making it blend was the easy bit, comming up with a design is very hard (well for me anyways)
Have a look at the design a ship comp, all these peoples have made amazing ships and i cant think of one damn thing.

have you looked at those ships i posted on the deserters? i had the same problem that you had, so i stole others ideas >:D

nothing wrong with that, right?